Driving Home For Thanksgiving Follow These 3 Tips

Thanksgiving day is one of the biggest holidays in America, and millions of people are going to be packing up their cars and heading home to celebrate with their families. That means tons of people will be on the road at the same time, and everyone knows how terrible holiday traffic can get. To ensure you beat the traffic and get home safely, please ensure you follow these suggestions!

Before heading out of town, the best thing you can do to ensure your safety is to get a pre-trip car inspection. At Scruggs Automotive, our certified mechanics can look for any signs of danger and make those fixes before you embark on your trip. If you're going on a long trip, it might be best to get an oil change beforehand. Additionally, we can test all your lights, tires, windshield wipers, and other safety features so you can take on any weather challenges.


We want you to be safe on the road for the holidays. For all your automotive needs, including a pre-trip inspection, please consider Scruggs Automotive for the job!

Written by Scruggs Automotive Repair