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Auto A/C Repair In Eggertsville, NY

Beat The Heat With Your A/C Experts!

The Importance Of A Functional A/C System

Staying cool inside of your vehicle isn’t just about comfort. Anything that can distract a driver poses a threatening situation to all on the road. When your focus isn’t on what you’re doing, anything can go wrong, and being hot inside a vehicle in the middle of summer is a breathtaking distraction. It’s dangerous. It can cause overheating and heat strokes. It’s dangerous for small children. Simply put, a hot car is a death trap, especially in the middle of summertime. But that’s where we come in. At Scruggs Automotive off Abbott Rd. in Buffalo, NY, our ASE-certified experts have a combined four decades of experience with this kind of thing. Our ASE-Master Technicians have access to upgraded and top-of-the-line diagnostic and repair equipment so that our job is done right the first time. Have no fear, however. If something were to happen, even after you’ve been to our shop, our 3-year/36,000-mile nationwide warranty covers anything and everything we touch at no cost to you. Dealing with a broken A/C system is hard enough. Don’t make things harder on yourself. Visit us anytime at 3931 Main St., Buffalo, NY 14226 or call to get on our schedule at (716) 832-2273.