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OBD-II, or the second generation of Onboard Diagnostics equipment, became required in 1996 by both the federal government and the automotive industry to be part of every vehicle made from that point forward. The hope? All drivers would be as safe as those with the first-generation OBD system that hit the marketplace in the early 1980s. Not only had there been a drastic reduction in catastrophic vehicular failures on the open road, but the OBD system helped curb harmful fuel emissions, which the federal government considered when mandating this very particular piece of equipment. The greatest benefit from this system is what we, as car owners, consider the biggest pain: those pesky dashboard light indicators. Those malfunction indicator lights are part of the overall system of your vehicle, monitoring its every move and hiccup. As the OBD-I system morphed into OBD-II, things were refined to help any driver understand when there was a problem, and it became the standard utilized system onboard every vehicle. It took pressure off mechanics and auto repair shops nationwide, and its modern implementation has saved hundreds of thousands of lives every year. That is why it’s important to bring your vehicle to us whenever a dashboard light clicks on in your vehicle. Those lights have been refined over decades of testing and tweaking, and they are there to help save your life and the life of your car.