Oil Changes in Eggertsville, NY

As Vital As They Are Necessary

Two Words: Preventative Maintenance

With an ASE Blue Seal of Excellence under our belt, as well as many other accommodations and certifications, we feel confident when telling our clients that preventative maintenance is the single best thing a vehicle owner could ever do with their car. Preventative maintenance helps to avoid major vehicular changes that could result in costly repairs or even catastrophic failures while on the road. With many of our technicians being ASE Master Technicians, we make sure to bring you the best that the automotive industry has to offer right here in our auto repair shop. So, when we say preventative maintenance is key to any vehicle’s life and longevity, we mean business.

Since we service all makes and models that come to us, we ensure that manufacturer instructions and specifications follow the letter. Our oil changes during these maintenance appointments come with filter changes, fluid top-offs, tire rotations, brake pad inspections, wheel alignment measurements, and many other necessary precautions and tweaks that your vehicle needs over time. Think of it as a spa day for your car. You get the reassurance that your vehicle is in capable hands and your car gets all its necessary components changed out, cleaned down and put back together again. Even the smallest issue in your car’s systems can create many expensive problems. So, call us today at (716) 832-2273 or stop by and see us at 3931 Main St., Buffalo, NY 14226 today. Don’t wait another second for the lifeblood of your vehicle to be exchanged.