How Do I Know If I Have Air In My Brake Lines

The brake system of a modern automobile is made up of plenty of elements consisting of the brake lines. The brake lines are comprised of a collection of the brake pedal, booster, hoses, and all other parts of the brake system. While the brake system in modern-day vehicles is made to be air-limited, it is possible for air to get in over time.

If you've noticed that your brake is starting to soften, there is a possibility you have air in the brake line. When you notice this in your vehicles it's imperative to seek professional help to resolve it. Air in the brake lines can have a disadvantageous effect on the brake system's capacity to stop the car.

How does air get in the brake line?

Air in the brake lines is usually the result of a leakage in the brake line or during repair services on the brake system. When water vapor is absorbed into the brake fluid, the brake fluid slowly sinks lower in the system. As you drive your car the motion of the car will continuously change the air in the reservoir introducing more water vapor to be absorbed into the fluid. Over time it will likely compromise your brakes.

Another possibility for air in the lines is if you tried to bleed your brake fluid improperly and it introduced air into the master cylinder.

Symptoms of air in the brake line

If you've felt any one of these signs and symptoms, we advise you to get your brakes looked into by our professional group of brake repair technicians.

  • Brake feel spongy
  • Brake feel soft
  • Bouncy and or erratic brake pedal

The best solution

In the hands of qualified auto repair professionals, we will eliminate the air in the system and brake lines. This guarantees the function of your primary safety system, the ability to stop. If you're encountering brake symptoms like the ones listed above contact us to ask questions or schedule your brake fixing consultation. We hire repair technicians with excellent training so you have trust in every one of our brake repair work.

Written by Scruggs Automotive Repair