What Are The Different Types Of Car Fluid Leaks


When you notice a liquid dripping or seeping out of your vehicle, it is a major problem and your vehicle requires immediate attention. Our vehicles have many different types of fluids. To help you pinpoint which exact one it is, you can analyze its color, smell, texture, and more. Read on to learn about the different types of fluid leaks.


There are 6 fluids that commonly leak out of vehicles. They are:

  • Water - Your car AC extracts the moisture in the air and leads it out a hose, which drains it out on the ground if necessary. If you notice light to moderate water leaks, it shouldn’t be a serious concern. If it happens often, you should take your car to an auto repair center
  • Engine oil - Engine oil color can range from being light amber to almost black, depending on how long it has sat in the engine. Oil leaks can occur in different locations, but they are usually due to broken seals or gaskets. 
  • Coolant - Coolant is typically a bright color liquid that has a sweet, syrupy aroma.  When you notice this liquid, it is imperative that you give your car attention right away. Running low on coolant can cause engine overheating.
  • Transmission Fluid - Transmission fluid is usually a vibrant or deep red. If you find this color liquid under your vehicle, it is essential to check your fluid levels.
  • Differential Fluid - This fluid is also referred to as gear oil or fluid. It is one of the thicker ones, and it has a honey color. 
  • Power Steering Fluid Leaks - The power steering fluid has a distinct smell to it. It can sometimes smell like burnt cooking oil. The leaks commonly occur where the power steering rack is. 

If you have recently spotted a car fluid leak, we welcome you to Scruggs Automotive today. Our expert mechanics will thoroughly inspect your car and fix your leak no problem.

Written by Scruggs Automotive Repair