What To Do When You Encounter A Blinking Check Engine Light

The check engine light is almost never anticipated by any driver, which makes it one of the most feared repairs. This yellow light is a telltale sign that something is very wrong, revolving your engine, and you can't diagnose it without the proper tools and knowledge. Check engine lights can mean a bunch of things, but don't worry, our expert team at Scruggs Automotive can pinpoint the exact source of the problem. All you have to do is bring your car in as soon as you see the yellow outline of the engine block on your dash.


One of the first things you should pick out about your check engine light is its behavior. In some situations, the engine light will light up but not flash or blink. The behavior of the light itself will indicate the urgency of the problem. A blinking or flashing check engine light should be cared for right away, without question. If you notice this type of behavior, you should immediately take your car to the closest repair shop. In all honesty, it may be better off for you to pull over and get a tow. A flashing check engine light means your car is in critical condition.


As soon as your vehicle arrives at the repair shop, our technicians will follow a detailed procedure to test your engine for the problem. Usually, a flashing light indicates any one or more problems with the following parts:

  • Oxygen sensor, airflow sensor, or other components dealing with the car's computer system
  • Fuel injector
  • Spark plugs or coils
  • Engine valves
  • Catalytic converter

Out of those mentioned above, the catalytic converter is the most complicated and time-consuming to fix. The catalytic converter is a part that extends from your engine to the muffler of your car. It is a vital component in the exhaust system and is in charge of converting harmful chemicals into safer gases.


Regardless of the problem, you should never take a check engine light "light"ly. A steady check engine light can quickly start blinking if you ignore it. You can put you and your passenger's safety at risk, so it's best that you attend to a check engine light right away. If your check engine light illuminates on your dash, do not hesitate and bring your vehicle to Scruggs Automotive as soon as you can. 

Written by Scruggs Automotive Repair